Monday, June 11, 2012

Geopolitical Issues and its' Impact on the Korean Education System

The "Blue House" 
Geopolitical issues play an immense role in the Korean education system as their curriculumn is regulated by the governemnt, their federal government. Young citizens are charged with the task of being the "Cream of the Crop". The academic career of the youth are rigourous, demanding and fill of test. Their are a series of exit examiantions that determine how students will advance educationally. Their challenges and task explains why the student population is so responsible and disciplined when it comes to their education.

About 20% of a familys' income goes into their childrens education.  This is exteremly different from the education system in the U.S.A. We have a free public school sytems whos curriculumn is regulated by the states and districts. We, Americans can learn a lot from the Korean school system and in turn, South Korea can learn a lot form ours. It takes experiences like this which provide students the ability to cross train, learn and teach to make those necessary changes and build great partnerships.

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