Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You Did What? Well, We Went To a Buddhist Temple

Hello again!

If you didn't already realize, we stopped at the Jogye Buddhist Temple on our tour of Seoul. I thought it was truly a beautiful sight to see. Being in the presence of people who are devoted Buddhists and being able to see them pray was awesome. At first many were reluctant to enter because we didn't want to disturb anyone, but since this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us, the temptation took over and we all strolled inside. It was breathtaking.

Jessica Shilladay was shown how to pray at the temple. I thought the fact someone took the time to show her was so cool. As I was leaving, a woman came up to me, smiled, bowed, and said 'Welcome'. Inviting us into their temple and a stranger telling me welcome just made the experience that much greater. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Jogye Buddhist Temple today and seeing something that I've never seen before was amazing.

Can't wait to update next time! See you later!


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