Monday, June 4, 2012

School Based Ag Education

Today we were at SNU and got the opportunity to hear Dr.Na speak about school based agriculture education in Korea.

Later on we heard this from the students perspective and then a presentation from our American students was given on U.S agriculture education. I knew that the Korean system was based off of ours from hearing Dr. Na speak last year in September to the Ag Ed students in Gainesville. The systems are vary similar but have a few noticeable differences. I feel that FFK isn't as prominent in the schools. They are all members of FFK, but it does no seem to be as much an essential part of the program. I also find it interesting that none of the students that attend SNU were involved in agriculture prior to joining their department. In the U.S, most students took agriculture classes which inspired them to want to be agriscience teachers. The SNU students also only student teach for 4 weeks, which is way different than our 12 week student teaching experience. The SNU classes seem less interactive than ones taught in America. Overall, I feel like the experience of going to SNU and being able to learn about the differences and similarities of our program to theirs is why we all came here. Hopefully we can find things we enjoy about each others program and take it back with us!

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