Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Down to Business

Our second day of interacting with our SNU counterparts marked a significant change in the status of our relationship. The first time we met SNU students they were extremely eager to please us, so much so that they provided us with only the answers that they thought we wanted to hear. During our second meeting, after a day spent fostering our relationships, our counterparts were eager to share in group discussion, provide constructive feedback, and help us take our micro-teaching units to the next level. However, our conversations pertaining to the next day's business quickly faded into personal conversations about life and cultural variations among Koreans and Americans.... We talked about everything from the ultimate road trip to 4-H and everything in between. We even had some scholarly conversations about stereotypes in agricultural education. The most important aspect unveiled at this workshop was that among all the superficial differences between American and Korean students, we are all the same. We have the same goals, dreams, and abilities as people and as future agricultural educators even if they are seemingly different at first.

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