Tuesday, June 5, 2012

FFK & KAEA: A world away, but not much different!

Wow, what a day! Getting to teach in a high school halfway around the world was AMAZING. Learning about what FFK and KAEA (Korean Agricultural Educators Association) really are and how the organizations actually work was a great.

Korea 174 by TeachAgPSU
 We learned that FFK is required for all students in Ag high schools in south Korea and that FFK provides many of the same types of events to Korean Members as FFA does to American ones. FFK is a lot like FFA in the fact that they host competitions for students to be involved in, elect national officers and require Ag Ed to be a member of FFK. We also got to check out NAEA which provides some of the same resources to teachers as NAAE (National Association of Agricultural Educators (USA)). One major difference was that a first year teacher can not be a member of KAEA, which means they do not have all the same opportunities as American NAAE members, because first year teachers with NAAE are well looked after and helped as much as possible to ensure they stay with the profession and that their first year of service is as easy as possible.

With getting a chance to see exactly what these two organizations have to offer to Korean Agricultural Education it is no wonder that Korean Ag Ed is so advanced and so alive. There might just be 74 FFA Chapter and Ag Schools but for those who are at the Ag Schools they are doing an amazing job educating  Korean Students about Agricultural Education.

Excited for another wonderful day,

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